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September 7, 2012 at 2:00 am, a Bodega (Grocery Store) was being robbed by three mask armed man. Two of the workers of the Bodega got an opportunity to escape the armed robbers, the first man ran out saying he was not the robbers and then the second young man (Reynaldo Cuevas, 20) runs out of the store believing that he was running into the hands of safety, but instead he gets murder by police officer Ramysh Bangali from the PSA7 precinct who fail to follow protocol and disregarded hostage procedures. Reynaldo Cuevas body was drag 25 feet and left there bleeding out for 20 minutes.

On September 6th, 2011, Collado intervened in a tussle between his friend and another man who turned out to be plainclothes narcotics detective James Connelly. Police maintained Collado was choking the officer when he was fatally shot. According to a lawyer for Collado’s family, security camera footage showed Collado never had the cop in a chokehold.

Meeting Location:
1229 Franklyn Ave,
Bronx NY

Time: 5:00 Pm.


They must never forget “Ramarley Graham”

On Feb. 2nd, 2012 police officer Richard Haste followed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham home, broke down his door and murdered Ramarley in cold blood in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother. The 47th precinct is as responsible as Richard Haste for trying to cover it up. Let us not let them forget Ramarley Graham.


Bill Bratton Is Not The Voters Choice!

Bill Bratton Is Not The Voters Choice!

Join us in the steps of “City Hall” as we send De Blasio and Bill Bratton a message.

Just because he dropped the appeal that Bloomberg put against Shira Scheindlin verdict that the implementation of Stop and Frisk was racist and unconstitutional does not mean that we are going to celebrate or stop our fight against police brutality.

We will live in a better world when these officers who break the laws are held accountable for their actions. We need to know that De Blasio is going to make officers who break that law equal accountable as when civilians break the law. If we could not get that commitment from De Blasio, then the dicision to drop the appeal and let a federal monitor be but into effect is like the CCRB, toothless!

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No Justic, No Peace

No Justic, No Peace

It is important for the people to rise up when there is an injustice. People has suffer enough and for De Blasio to appoint Bill Bratton as police commissioner tell us that we need to prepare ourselves, our families and our friends for another 4 years of unconstitutional abuse, criminalization of innocent people, assaults and murders by the militarize police department. Why?

“I am choosing the best police leader in the United States of America,” – “Plus (he’s) someone I trust on the philosophical level. We are kindred. We share the same beliefs.” said, De Blasio.

Bill De Blasio’s true intentions are manifesting themselves now that he no longer needs the people’s vote. He deceived the people by using his black family to give the false impression that he was concern for the issue of people of color. He even said that he shares the same beliefs as Bill Bratton.

Now it is up to… the Real Freedom Fighters to step up and make Bill De Blasio transition to Mayor not a smooth one. Join the Stop Stop and Frisk Freedom Fighters and other non-sellout grassroots’ movements to send a message to De Blasio: “We The People Will Not Go Quietly Into The Lies and Deceptions of the De Blasio administration.”

No one could of said it better than Charles Barron;

“Asking Bill Bratton to come back and stop racial profiling . . . is like asking an arsonist to help you put out fires,”

“You don’t ask the person who’s the architect of racial profiling, stop and frisk to come back and now put a stop to it,” said the former Black Panther and City Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn)

“This is an historic, pivotal point …all that you have fought for and all that you have made sacrifices for….this is your moment…DO IT..”



Support the Davis & Gray Family

Support the Davis & Gray Family

Support the Shantel Davis Family and The Kimani Gray family as they continue to fight for justice for their love ones, who was taken away by Bloomberg army (NYPD). Come out and bring a lot information of all the struggles that we are confronted with on a daily basis. There is going to be many youths out there and we need to fill their brains with the proper food. Come out and meet the East Flatbush community and together we could show them that a better world is possible! Share with other!


No Justice, No Peace. We are going to fight Back!

No Justice, No Peace. We are going to fight Back!

It is an attack on all those good citizens that puts their body on the line everyday to document police while they are carrying out their duty in our communities. So all my Copwatchers brothers and sisters don’t let this deter us from our duty to the human family. I will continue my copwatch activity without fear and by any means necessary!

I am sure you heard that IN NYS, ON NOVEMBER 1, 2013 BILL S2402-2013 WILL BECOME LAW making it a Felony crime if you “Harass, Annoy, Threaten or Alarm a police officer or law enforcement. ALL HANDS ARE NEEDED TO SEND THIS BACK TO HELL WHERE IT CAME FROM. THEY HAVE FEMA CAMPS ALL READY. WE also need lawyers who will file criminal charges against the senator that introduced the bill AND to use a petition for writ of habeus corpus in Supreme court in NY here in NYC to get this act declared unlawful, in conflict with the supreme law of the land, and therefor void ab initio as if it had never been passed. It would take far less time to get this struck down this way than by standard repeal. ……..

email: govcuomo.office@nygovoffice.gov
His phone # also 518/ 474-8390
Another link is at http://www.governor.ny.gov/contact/GovernorContactForm.php Bill’s Sponsor:GRIFFO …….. Bill’s Co-sponsor(s):DEFRANCISCO, GALLIVAN, LARKIN, LIBOUS, MAZIARZ, RANZENHOFER, SEWARD, YOUNG


Justice For Ramarley Graham

Justice For Ramarley Graham

Com out and stand in solidarity with the youths of Ramarley School.