Jose LaSalle – Press Conference

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On August 5, 2016, Jose LaSalle was patrolling the Patterson Houses on 143 St. and 3rd Ave. While on patrol he notice three male plain clothe officers exit their unmarked vehicle. (Sgt. Mageal Frias, Filix Baez & Elvis Duran of PSA7). Jose LaSalle began to document the incident. (

Ones the officers was done with the Stop and Frisk, they arrested Jose LaSalle. Jose LaSalle was taken to the PSA7 precinct. When Jose Lasalle arrived at the PSA7 precinct, police officer began to clap and celebrate LaSalle arrest. Jose LaSalle was taken to Bronx bookings on August 6, 2016 at approximately 6:00 Am. At approximately 9:00 Pm., the ADA declined to prosecute and Jose LaSalle was release without seeing a judge. (

Jose LaSalle picked up his property at the PSA7 precinct and went to the Crown Diner on 161st and met up with his comrades that was doing Jail Support. An hour after Jose LaSalle was released Police enter into the diner and rearrested Jose LaSalle. Police rearrested Jose LaSalle because they wanted laSalle’s phones. Police wanted to erase the recording of police officers clapping and celebrating his arrest at the PSA7 precinct. The case was dismissed for the second time. (

Jose LaSalle has the recording of the officers clapping and celebrating, LaSalle, for the first time will release the audio of police officers of the PSA7 precinct Clapping and celebrating LaSalle’s arrest.


Press Conference

1 Police Plaza, Monday 3, 12:00 PM

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