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Let Us Not Forget, “Reynaldo Cuevas”


September 7, 2015 will make 3 year sense officer Ramysh Bangali from PSA7 precinct murder Reynaldo Cuevas. Join family, friends and the community for a vigil/rally/Protest

March for our Fallen Angels by the hands of the NYPD.

September 7, 2012 at 2:00 am, a Bodega (Grocery Store) was being robbed by three mask armed man. Two of the workers of the Bodega got an opportunity to escape the armed robbers, the first man ran out saying he was not the robbers and then the second young man runs out of the store believing that he was running into the hands of safety, but instead he gets murder by police officer Ramysh Bangali from the PSA7 precinct who fail to follow protocol and disregarded hostage procedures. The young man Bangali murder was 20 yrs. old Reynaldo Cuevas. After shooting him, his body is drag for about 25 feet and left there bleeding out for 20 minutes.

The police do not protect the interest of the people. It is left to the communities to organize and unify so that we could protect ourselves from the violence being implemented by the militarize police department. It is sad when families are afraid when their children’s leave their homes that they might not make it back, not because of the violence in our communities, but because the ones that supposed to serve and protect us are the ones murdering us. It is sad that when they kill our children’s unjustly we are forced to beg for justice, and for many families justice is never handed down. These families has to live their lives confuse and without answers. We need to stand with all the families that has been victimize by the brutal tactic of the NYPD. Injustice for one, is injustice for all! Silence is consent! We will not be silenced anymore. Join us and together we could shut shit down for Reynaldo Cuevas.