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A CPU Logo-003

CPU seek to end police repression through directly monitoring police while they are engaging the public through questioning, detainment, or arrest. CPU spend their time walking the streets, observing police, witnessing and recording police interactions with citizens on camera, video-record, audio-record, and/or paper. CPU concentrate in areas where known trouble making cops are assigned or areas of high police activity (Impact Zones). CPU also advise people of their rights and listen to their stories and documents those stories.

CPU goals are to discourage and attempt to stop police brutality and harassment by;

Educating people and communities to their rights and their responsibilities to each other.

Letting police know that their actions are being observed and recorded that they may be held accountable for their actions.

Trying to get laws and regulations in place and enforced that reduce police brutality and repression.

People have to be protected from the brutality they currently face at the hands of the police. CPU has taken up that challenge. Join us in ending police brutality.

We are going to announce the first location that we are going to create, “No Cop Zone”. This location has been chosen because it has the highest complaints of police brutality.

Eric Garner couldn’t breathe, EMS did nothing!


March led by Eric Garners 1yr old daughter, Legacy Garner & her mother Jewel Miller.


April 17th makes 9 months since the murder of Eric Garner. Not only are we holding the police accountable. Were holding the EMS, that did nothing to try to revive him accountable as well. Join us, as we take the march to them !
Organized by Ty Black, Systematic Freedom, and the Warriors in the movement. We will be joined by “The coalition to end broken windows”, special election runner James Lane, “A mothers cry for justice”, and Joshua Lopez the nephew of John Collado (who was murdered by NYPD). Security by CPU (Cop watch Patrol Unit) .

Hakeen Kuta “Vigil” – We Want The Truth!

Join Family, Friends and the Community as they gather on the spot where 17-year-old Hakeem Kuta laid motionless after falling from a 6 story building.

On Thursday, April 2, 2015 17-year-old Hakeem Kuta was visiting with his friends in 2685 Valentine Ave. Bronx NY. At approximately 7:30 p.m. Police Officer Edmundo Rivera, Eduard Solano, Maria Imburgia and Brian Mahon enter the building 2685 and Valentine Ave. and when the police officers reach the young teens they got startle and began to run. Police gave chase and corner Hakeem Kuta and another young man on the corner of the roof. Police Officer Edmundo Rivera stated that he pulled on the teen that was holding on to Hakeem Kuta causing the teen to loose grip and Hakeem fell 6 stories to his death.

The family is asking for justice and the truth.

This is another case of the aggressive Broken Window Policing. This young man should not have died.

2685 Valentine Ave.
Bronx NY

D train to Kingsbridge.
6 p.m.

Copwatch Patrol Unit – CPU” Mothers Cry For Justice, Bronx Coalition To End Police Brutality, Stop Stop + Frisk NYC, October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality – New York, New Yorkers Against Bratton

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