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The summer is near and police activity is going to pick up. Bill Bratton is planning to add 1000 more cops to the NYPD department. Broken Window Policing is being upgraded. Silence is Consent!

Learn your rights in a Revolutionary form.

Share With Others!

Bill Bratton, “The People Say ‘NO’ to 1000 More Cops”


Bratton, Police Unions and the City Council all want to add 1,000 cops to the nation’s largest police force, the 7th largest army in the world.

We don’t.

We don’t want Broken Windows and we don’t want militarized police.

Join families and community members as we say NO NEW COPS, justice for our loved ones.


Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said it was entertaining to see a group of Activist address their concerns to the City Council about the danger of adding a 1000 more cops.

“It was actually entertaining. It was a little disruptive,” Mr. Bratton told reporters. During the Council hearing, he had quoted the entertainer Jimmy Durante, telling council members that “everybody is trying to get in on the act.” The City Council Members Laughed!

When Bratton was ask by the News Reporters about the opposition to the 1000 new NYPD, Bratton said; “I think you’re going to see that’s a very small number of people that don’t want more police in New York City. Fortunately, nobody is paying much attention to them.”

Bratton arrogance and disrespect for the human family has challenged us to produce thousands of people that says, “NoMoreNYPD”.

Bratton send us a message, now is time for the people to send him a message.

Share with others and let us in a unify manner, “Shut Bratton Arrogant Ass Down.”

Shut Down The Pro-Cop Conference/Rally At City Hall


One again we are forced to create a voice that is loud and precise that it could not be ignored.

We need to continue to be the voice for all those brothers/sisters who has been assassinated by police all around the world.

To have another pro-cop rally at “City Hall” when the people are still being denied justice in the case of Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Kimani Gray, Shantel Davis and thousand of other, is an attack on all those that has been protesting/marching and screaming for justice.

I believe that everyone has the right to express their belief and support any struggle in any manner they want, but not on the blood of our stolen love ones. Police terrorizes people around the world and murder people with impunity. We the people must send police and those that support killer cops a message!

We will not be silent or silenced.


My Brothers and Sisters in the struggle. Let us bring a lot of noise making objects. Drums, horns, pots and our voices. When they speak we will shut them down.

We also need to make sure that we arrive early, if we have enough people present we could do a die-in at all the entrances to City Hall and stop people from going in.

We also need to make sure that who ever is coming to support the pro-cop event is recorded on camera, video or picture. The world need to see the faces of those that support the militarize police department and killer cops.

We also need pictures of all those that has been murder by NYPD. We need those that are coming to support police see the faces of those that police has murder.

We also have parents of those that has been killed by police coming to stand in solidarity with us and share there stories of how police has not just killed their love ones, but also has sentence them to death as well..

Dress in Black clothing:

“Black Live Matter”

No Cop Zone – Can It Change Policing For Ever


Join the families of people executed by the NYPD, Copwatch Patrol Unit, and Disarm for a talk and discussion.

People have had enough of the police invading neighborhoods, terrorizing hallways, executing people over minor disobedience. The massive protests these past few months let us know that it’s not just longtime political organizers who feel this way. There is massive popular support for real resistance to the police.

While these protests may have gotten quieter in the dead of winter, we never stopped planting seeds of dissent for the spring.

It is time for some material changes on the ground. By now it is clear that these changes will not come through the court system or street demos. This evening Disarm will propose ideas to end police tyranny in neighborhoods where they do the most harm.

Please join us March 21st at 5:30pm to discuss the conditions on the block and how these proposals could underscore the strength people have found to resist the bullying of the NYPD.

About the Speakers:

Carol Gray, mother of Kimani Gray.

On March 9, 2013 16 year old Kimani “Kiki” Gray was murdered by two plain clothes officers who failed to identify themselves. Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova shot at Kimani Gray 11 times, hitting Kimani with 7 bullets, three entering his back. These officers also have racked up five suits which cost taxpayers $215,000. These suits were for Civil Rights Violations, including Stop and Frisk and False Arrests.

Natasha Duncan, sister of Shantel Davis

On June 14, 2012 23 years old Shantel Davis was murdered by plain clothes detective Phil Atkin. Detective Atkins shot Shantel in her chest and then dragged her body into the streets where she bled out and died. Detective Phil Atkins, has seven law suits fingering him as a violent enforcer who skirts the law. Five of the law suits have been settled costing the tax payer $224,000.

Nicholas Heyward Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward Jr,

September 29, 1994 13-year-old boy Nicholas Heyward Jr. was shot by a police officer while playing cops and robbers with friends in a Gowanus Houses building stairwell in Brooklyn. Housing Officer Brian George thought Heyward was carrying a real gun and pumped a bullet into the boy’s stomach.

Danette Chavis, mother of Gregory Chavis

October 9, 2004 Gregory Chavis was shot and when police arrive they prevented him from receiving medical treatment for his gunshot wound despite being a block away from a hospital.

Hertencia Petersen, aunt of Akai Gurley

November 20, 2014 Akai Gurley, had done nothing more than enter the stairwell in the Louis H. Pink Houses, a housing project in East New York, Brooklyn when he was gunned down by police officer Peter Liang who failed to follow proper procedure and protocol. Police officer Peter Liang for four minutes argued with his partner over whether to tell their superiors about shootting Akai Gurley. Peter Liang said “I’m going to be fired,” and instead of calling for an ambulance he decided to call his union.

Jose LaSalle (Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU))

CPU seek to end police repression through directly monitoring police while they are engaging the public through questioning, detainment, or arrest. CPU spend their time walking the streets, observing police, witnessing and recording police interactions with citizens on camera, video-record, audio-record, and/or paper. CPU concentrate in areas where known trouble making cops are assigned or areas of high police activity (Impact Zones). CPU also advise people of their rights and listen to their stories and documents those stories.

Disarm the NYPD

Disarm is a campaign that is calling for the immediate disarming of the police department and the demobilization of the police from our neighborhoods.