46 Pct. “Enough is Enough, time to fight back”

46 has blood on their hands-001

Hello my Freedom Fighter Family. My name is Jose LaSalle and I need all the support that each one of you could send in my direction. I would like to create a voice that is loud and precise that it could not be ignored, but I could not do it alone. This is not just about me being assaulted by police officers from the 46th precinct, is about all those that has been victimize by the 46th precinct and police around the world.

If you could not be at this event in person, please help me spread the message around. Thank You and I love you all for the amazing work that you all continue to do.

There is no holds bar in this protest. There is no leaders and the stage belongs to all of us. I want to take the street and lock the Bronx down. See you all on the gathering spot.


In the Bronx there is one Precinct that stands out more than all other. Not because they are doing a great job in serving and protecting the community, but because they are brutal in carrying out their so call serve and protect agenda.

In 2013 the 46 Pct. along with the 44, 47, and 52 received the highest CCRB complaints.

Police Terror could only be ended when police are held accountable for their actions in the same manner as anyone else. Police must be reminded that they are servants who are paid by the public and that their responsibility is to ensure that those most vulnerable are protected.

Sadly, police are the ones taking advantage of the most vulnerable in society and in many encounters police criminalizes, dehumanizes, assaults and murder innocent civilians. With impunity police continue to instill their terror into the communities they are hire to protect and serve. All around the world, from the poorest communities to the most “developed” police has become the militarized arm of the state.

Police brutality will continue until an effective and robust legal system, free from corruption, ensures that anyone who commits a violent act is subject to the law. When officers start to face justice like everyone else and we see custodial sentences handed out to those police officer who have committed violent acts, maybe it will begin to send a message to other police officers that they themselves will face justice if they break the law.

There’s probably no easy answer in addressing such a widespread issue like police brutality, but raising awareness of the issue is at least a start. Often many in the media fail to talk about the issue in a meaningful context in which the public relate too and it is often left to grass root activist to bring such problems to the forefront of people’s attention.

Rapper and activist Logic speaking about deaths in custody and global police brutality recently said “This is one of many issues that need addressing globally. Until the people unite against these injustices we will always be losing this battle. A public servant is also a member of the public and should therefore be treated like one.”

Join Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU), New Yorkers Against Bratton, Families United Against Police Brutality, October 22 Coalition To Stop Police Brutality, Stop The Urban Youth Violence, Brothers/Sister In The Struggle, The New Black Panthers and many other grassroots group.

December 22, 1994 at approximately 1:30 AM. Anthony Ramon Baez 29, was murder by Officer Francis Livoti from the 46th Pct. Officer Livoti place Baez in a choke hold and Baez suffocated and died.

The Meeting Location Is where Baez was murder by police officer Francis Livoti.

6 Comeron Place
Bronx NY.
3:00 Pm.

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