March for Justice for Victims of Police Brutality



Eric Garner death was no accident. Police officer Daniel Pantaleo murder Eric Garner and the whole world seen it. Bill Bratton said it was a choke hold and that he was going to order all 30,000 police office to retrain. De Blasio called it a chokehold. The Medical examiner ruled it a homicide. But Daniel Pantaleo has not been arrested and charge for the murder of Eric Garner. It has been 29 days and the Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan has not spoken anything to the case of Garner.


Al “Sellout” Sharpton made an open statement that he was going to shut the Verrazano Bridge down in honor of Eric Garner. He was going to march across the bridge, Now he has decide to ride over the bridge because of political pressure. That is unacceptable.


We don’t need Al Sharpton approval to march over the Verrazano Bridge. We must not give in to those that are trying to pacify us or stop us from doing what is our given right to do and that is to protest and march. On this day we will make history, because is going to be a day when people say enough is enough and we will not be silence or silent. Eric Garner death will not be in vein.


My Brothers/Sisters I ask you to share this event and use all your resources to share with people. We need to have thousands out there on August 23.




Your Brother In The Struggle!


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