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Justice for Ramarley Graham and All Victims of Violence

Justice for Ramarley Graham and All Victims of Violence

Join Ramarley Graham parents at 1199-SEIU as they Celebrates Black History Month by Honoring Mothers Who Lost Children’s to Gun Violence and Police Brutality.

Friday 21st, at 7 PM – 9 PM
310 W. 43rd St.

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Bill Bratton Is Not The Voters Choice!

Bill Bratton Is Not The Voters Choice!

Join us in the steps of “City Hall” as we send De Blasio and Bill Bratton a message.

Just because he dropped the appeal that Bloomberg put against Shira Scheindlin verdict that the implementation of Stop and Frisk was racist and unconstitutional does not mean that we are going to celebrate or stop our fight against police brutality.

We will live in a better world when these officers who break the laws are held accountable for their actions. We need to know that De Blasio is going to make officers who break that law equal accountable as when civilians break the law. If we could not get that commitment from De Blasio, then the dicision to drop the appeal and let a federal monitor be but into effect is like the CCRB, toothless!

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