Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU)

Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU)

Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU) and Ramarley Graham parents are going to attend the 47th Precinct community council meeting tonight, Wednesday – September 11, at 7:00 Pm.

CPU goal is to participate in all precincts community council meetings and make sure that police understand that they are going to be watch and their activities documented and if the state does not make them accountable when they break the law, We – The People Will! We also want the community to know that if there is an issue that involves police, CPU is there to listen and support them in making those officers who violates people civil rights accountable, by any means necessary.

In 2012 the 47th precinct stopped and frisk a total of 8,948 people, 97.6% was Black/Latino. The stop and frisk within the 47th pct. exceeded the population of Black/Latino in that district (88.0%) – 7,822 of those stops was of innocent people. Only 1,126 people where giving a citation or lockup for minor offensive. Force was use on 2,142 people, meaning that there was 1,016 innocent people who was traumatize, dehumanized and assaulted by police from that precinct and another 7,822 people traumatize and dehumanize by a policy which the NYPD has carry out in an unconstitutional and racist way. No wonder that the 47th precinct has a high level of CCRB complaint. The CCRB complaints exceeds the employees population of the 47th precinct. Meaning that many police officers of the 47th precinct has more than one complaint against them.

If you like to attend, just meet us at the address below or contact Me, Jose.

It is up to the people to rise up and change the condition that plagues their communities. Together in a unify manner, they could make a difference.

Gun Hill Houses Community Center
745 Magenta St.
Bet. White Pain Roads and Holland Ave.

3 responses to “Copwatch Patrol Unit (CPU)

  1. The numerous grammatical errors on your page undermine your message. If you can’t write properly, why should people believe you can think through issues properly. Just saying.

  2. You are a bunch of LOSERS! Get a JOB! Grow a set

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