Ramarley’s Call Campaign For Justice

Ramarley's Call Campaign For Justice

Ramarley Graham – On February 2, 2012 Police Officer Richard Haste breaks into the house of Ramarley Graham, then Richard Haste ambushes Ramarley Graham in the bathroom and shoots one bullet into his body, at point blank, in a professional hit man style. On June 13, 2012 Richard Haste was indicted for Manslaughter. Haste was given a $50,000 bail, which was posted immediately by his lawyer. On March 15, 20013 the Richard Haste indictment was thrown out, because Judge Barrett’s said, ‘the grand jury that decided to indict Haste in Graham’s death, may have come to a different decision if they fully considered that Haste peers reportedly informed Richard Haste, that Graham was armed.’

The family, friends and the community demands that District Attorney Robert Johnson to reconvene the grand jury.

Join the Graham Family and support them in getting justice for their son, Ramarley Graham.

Ramarley’s Call is a group of people with a diversity of political views. Our objective is to get justice for Ramarley Graham and open the doors for other families of police terror to get justice for their love ones as well. Together with the Shantel Davis Committee, Kimani Gray Movement, and many other families of police brutality we have been able to share our network in support of one another.

We will be occupying different areas of the five boroughs and continue to keep people inform of police terror. Join the families of police brutality and together we could get justice for all the families that has been victimize by the police.

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