No Justice, No Peace. We are going to fight Back!

No Justice, No Peace. We are going to fight Back!

It is an attack on all those good citizens that puts their body on the line everyday to document police while they are carrying out their duty in our communities. So all my Copwatchers brothers and sisters don’t let this deter us from our duty to the human family. I will continue my copwatch activity without fear and by any means necessary!

I am sure you heard that IN NYS, ON NOVEMBER 1, 2013 BILL S2402-2013 WILL BECOME LAW making it a Felony crime if you “Harass, Annoy, Threaten or Alarm a police officer or law enforcement. ALL HANDS ARE NEEDED TO SEND THIS BACK TO HELL WHERE IT CAME FROM. THEY HAVE FEMA CAMPS ALL READY. WE also need lawyers who will file criminal charges against the senator that introduced the bill AND to use a petition for writ of habeus corpus in Supreme court in NY here in NYC to get this act declared unlawful, in conflict with the supreme law of the land, and therefor void ab initio as if it had never been passed. It would take far less time to get this struck down this way than by standard repeal. ……..

His phone # also 518/ 474-8390

3 responses to “No Justice, No Peace. We are going to fight Back!

  1. This is when I wish I still had Twitter and Facebook!!

    Are these idiots serious?????? This so called felony could be subjective!!!

    “Harass, Annoy, Threaten or Alarm a police officer or law enforcement,” this-is-madness.

    • It really amazes me how bold this government is in sending out warnings, and threats to the citizens of this state and around the world. Because of all the videos being posted on the internet documenting all the abuse that the human family endures on a daily basis at the hand of the police, is reaching millions, now they want to stop people from video recording their illegal activities. Before you realize it, to post video of police is going to be a national security issue.

      • Yep. I agree. It’s getting there fast. There need to be a group of lawyers who become interested in social justice out of interest in the welfare of society. Folks who know the laws inside out, who can put their heads together to challenge some of this stuff as it comes down the pike!

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