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March for Justice for Victims of Police Brutality



Eric Garner death was no accident. Police officer Daniel Pantaleo murder Eric Garner and the whole world seen it. Bill Bratton said it was a choke hold and that he was going to order all 30,000 police office to retrain. De Blasio called it a chokehold. The Medical examiner ruled it a homicide. But Daniel Pantaleo has not been arrested and charge for the murder of Eric Garner. It has been 29 days and the Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan has not spoken anything to the case of Garner.


Al “Sellout” Sharpton made an open statement that he was going to shut the Verrazano Bridge down in honor of Eric Garner. He was going to march across the bridge, Now he has decide to ride over the bridge because of political pressure. That is unacceptable.


We don’t need Al Sharpton approval to march over the Verrazano Bridge. We must not give in to those that are trying to pacify us or stop us from doing what is our given right to do and that is to protest and march. On this day we will make history, because is going to be a day when people say enough is enough and we will not be silence or silent. Eric Garner death will not be in vein.


My Brothers/Sisters I ask you to share this event and use all your resources to share with people. We need to have thousands out there on August 23.




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Shut Down The “Police Unfair ‘Choke Hold’ Protest”.


Retired NYPD officer Michael Burke, has called for a show of unity in support of NYPD members who was involve in the murder of Eric Garner. Police officer and those that supports them going to have a silent protest to show solidarity for Killer Cop Daniel Pantaleo. On July 17, 2014 plain clothe Officer Daniel Pantaleo put an illegal choke hold on Eric Garner causing garner death.
The following is Retired Officer Michael Burke call to action:On Saturday September 6th, a UNITY GATHERING is planned on Staten Island at the 120 precinct, 78 Richmond Terrace in the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island at 1300, our brother officer’s precinct.We will assemble and say nothing and do nothing unless the press asks. Then they will be told.

The protest is being organized as a show of unity and support for the officers wrongly accused in the “choke hold” death of Eric Garner. The members of the NYPD were attempting to affect an arrest of Eric Garner. He resisted their attempts to handcuff him. One of the officers had his arms around the neck of Mr. Garner in a take-down maneuver that lasted 16 seconds, according to the video being shown on You Tube.

In no way did the officer appear to choke Eric Garner. Mr. Garner was able to say numerous times that he was having trouble breathing. Preliminary examination by the medical examiner at first indicated no trauma to his throat area. In a later statement, the medical examiner stated that the choke hold applied led to his death.

The protest and show of solidarity will let NYPD officers know that we do not believe that this was a choke hold. Other conditions, such as Garner’s previous poor health contributed to his death, not NYPD actions.

We have a moral obligation to make sure that we are there to show support for the Eric Garner family and all those victims of police brutality. This NYPD protest must be shut down. Let us make history and for ones in our lives stand in unity and send a message to the NYPD that the people united cannot be defeated. Let us be present in big numbers, and create a voice that is so loud and precise that it could not be ignored.

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Mass Rally and Press Conference

Join us!

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The Commissioner of NYPD William Bratton has advised the public he has no intentions of changing any of his policy’s or procedures regarding police. This was said immediately after a press conference where many called for his resignation behind a “Broken Window” policy currently being implemented by which the people of… New York are being “harassed, abused, and brutalized” by police for the smallest infractions.

That policy resulted in a 14 year old being handcuffed and thrown through a store glass window, a fare paying customer on an MTA bus being dragged off and illegally detained, and the murder of Eric Garner by use of an “illegal choke hold”. Despite the out cry of the people concerning all of the above and despite the FBI now monitoring the investigation concerning the murder of Eric Garner NYPD police have continued this “pattern of assault”. For less than a week after the funeral of Eric Garner they “choked” another man in clear view of those who were video taping and in the mist of the city’s “uproar” concerning the choke hold used to murder Eric Garner.

Police have shown “no fear” of repercussions behind their actions and the remedy suggested by the commissioner is “more training”. It is our position that “training” will not give police more regard for law and that “punishment” is needed in order to curb further infractions. But what we have found – even from those elected to represent our concerns, is that what is deemed as “punishment” is no more than a “paid vacation”. Just days ago, an officer was video taped slamming a man to the ground, putting his revolver into his face “ready” to shoot. And had it not been for the courageous acts of a woman at the scene who stopped him that man would no longer be with us. However, the officer did not relent after his attack. After walking away, he then returned and “stomped” on the man head while the man laid on the ground “subdued” by another officer.

The actions of this officer were all video taped yet it did not stop him. The penalty he was given was a “modified duty” assignment in which he will receive his full salary, with no penalty for the assault and abuse of this man. Elected officials have applauded this as “discipline” and have commended NYPD in it’s swiftness to render what they consider discipline. The commissioner has advised “no changes” shall be made and elected officials “commend” the action they have taken. It is time for THE PEOPLE of this city to “speak out” concerning it. The commissioner and elected officials must hear from YOU! Your voice, your position, is not being made known. And this rally and press conference is an opportunity for you to do so! We cannot afford to “sit and wait” until they tell us “what it is” and “what it isn’t” concerning the murder of Eric Garner, nor can we allow those “out in the fore front” to represent our views and concerns when they don’t. We must speak for ourselves. And this Press conference and Rally, is an opportunity to do precisely that.10411337_10152543348458189_3480804454549255150_n


They must never forget “Ramarley Graham”

On Feb. 2nd, 2012 police officer Richard Haste followed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham home, broke down his door and murdered Ramarley in cold blood in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother. The 47th precinct is as responsible as Richard Haste for trying to cover it up. Let us not let them forget Ramarley Graham.


CPU & 23 Pct. “I am in your face”

Plain clothes police officer tried to intimidate a CPU member and fail!